2) My career path in London

I always had a bit of an entrepreneur thinking. I have a very wide background in sensory web design and online creation strategies. After a bit less than two years as a permanent employee, I finally decided to quit my job on the first of May. The day of la fĂȘte du travail (Labour day). I have some weird humour sometimes and I couldn’t find a better date to leave my stable great job to start my own adventure.

When I started freelancing, I accumulated information about small business, read a lot about how to be taxes efficient, what to do and not to do, how to spend the minimum time doing my business paperwork. And I ended as many a managing director of a limited company, employee of myself and also secretary of my own business (thank god I got an accountant at least).

My own boss, yey! I can have unlimited holidays, give me a little bonus when wished! (well that’s on the paper)

Freelancing is a lot of up and down

Until today, I have been running my business collaborating with different agency for all kinds of clients. Since I started freelancing, I have been choosing a bit more the type of project I want to do and it is really enriching.

I learned a lot about small businesses, and I told my friend about different topics to help them and that’s how my “coaching” started

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