Set up your freelance goal

When you start a business you have to set goal for the business and goal for yourself. After a few months you need to update those goal. You might realise your initial goal weren’t realistic or at the opposite too easy. Add a reminder in your calendar to review them more than once a year.

Set up your freelance goal


When you have work opportunities you might be tempted to say yes to everything. Either because you are generous and want to help everyone, or because you think work is money. The worst thing about taking on all projects that comes your way is that your plate may end up full, but with all of the wrong commitments.
You can end up stressed, anxious, and the worst part, now you are left with availability to take on that golden opportunity. You can’t say yes to your ideal client if you never say no to the wrong ones. You need to learn to be comfortable saying no.

Other goal types

Those goal can be professional and personal. As mentioned they can be about the type of clients / projects you want. The turnover you want to reach. Getting awards. Etc. But it can also be for personal. Reducing your amount of work to develop a side activity, have more time with your family, etc.

Why it is important to set goal?

Firstly, it’s a motivation things!
It might sound weird, but after a few years the freelance world can become very repetitive as every job. Yes, it’s new agency, new project, new people, new office but same thing. You need to keep progressing in your services, skills, and offer to your client. 

For instance, this year 2018 my new challenge is to help freelancers and new starter with their own freelance. It’s new but also based on my skill set. I don’t see it being negative for my career and it’s something I want to do to help people at a more human size level.

Review your freelance goal

Minimum twice a year, every quarter, or more often, you define it.

  1. What did you achieved in the past months? What are you proud of?
  2. What do you want to improve? How can you improve it? What are the blockers?
  3. What else do you want?


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