My pitch in 350 words

I’m Denis, I am a freelance creative web developer based in London. I run my limited company for 5 years I arrived in London 7 years ago from France at the age of 21 with zero contact in the industry. I came for a 4 months internship in a start-up of 2 people (the boss and the second intern). Then I grabbed my first permanent job in a digital agency before to go on my own. I am proud of my journey and the network I developed during those years. I collaborated with some of the top London agencies. This month I am working with branding agencies Pentagram, Wolff Olins, and Sterling Brands. The last one is based in New York. I am helping them with their digital projects. During the last 5 years, I worked for big brands including Unilever, TheBodyShop, PepsiCo, Adidas, Canon, CNN, to mention only a few. I am an expert in jumping in new agencies environments. Every winter, for 2 months (6 times now) I go to a new country and culture to escape from cold London. This year I was in Rio de Janeiro and Columbia might be my next year summer during the European winter. Those days, on the top of my client work I am launching a new business for freelancers named 

It’s about tips and coaching new freelancers in their transition from a secure permanent career to the world of freelancing. It’s a scary step, running a business is full of surprise, good and bad. Finding clients can be hard. The money side is scary. Holidays are not paid days. Getting sick can make you lose your job. Time off plans can make you miss contract opportunities. However, there is the freedom of picking projects. Planning your life with more flexibility. Across this service, I aim to help and orient people (preferably freelance in the digital field as it’s where I can provide the most experience), sharing business taxes tips, market insight, reassuring, inspiring if I can say. This mentoring is something I have done with freelance friends naturally and this year 2018 I am taking it to the next level.

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