Mentor for new freelancer

Having a freelance mentor can help you as a key to start your new career. The transition from a full-time job to independent work is challenging. Compared to a corporate career, the world of freelancing can be unpredictable and intimidating at first. I am here to help you.

Start your freelancing career

Starting freelancing sometimes implies issue finding work, creating income stability, etc. Freelancing is quite different from most full-time careers and the transition starts with a frank inward discussion.

Whom I can help

New freelancer running their own limited company for a few months or thinking about doing it very soon.

What I offer as a “freelance mentor”

In a sentence, I offer to share my experience and knowledges in order to help you – I am an accelerators for your freelancer life

You need to prepare a bit for the transition before diving right in, this help makes it less choppy. The goal is to have you jump in with the confidence that you made the right choice. I can orient you with this, and in your job search. You have to build a strong customer base, then fortify and expand that base.

Think about your personality and your interests. There is a much larger market for freelancers if they look beyond their own backyards. Freelancing requires you to work alone (a lot), be solely responsible for the work you produce and to always put your clients’ needs first. I can be here as joker support for you.

What I don’t offer

I am not an expert accountant. I am not a psychologist either. I won’t give you your first contract.