3) How my freelance coaching started?

I have a fair number of friends and connections intrigued and interested in becoming freelancer. It’s common when I am contracting in a company to answer questions from colleagues about the freelance life. People I shared with are designers, motion designer, project manager and developers. I think I can reasonably help anyone working in digital as we all use the same tool, we don’t have crazy materials expenses (some electronic tools, an internet connection and sometimes an office)

I had conversations with other freelancers, sharing tips. And a lot of one to one with friends or colleagues about the freelance world.

I am already “mentoring” naturally friends since years now so I decided to take it to the next level

At some point I decided to do a little workshop at the pub (always a good place to start) with my friends to teach them / and share my precious tips for their own business. We were 6. Everyone took notes and I think I can say all were happy for the insight.

Then every now and then we chat, what we share is simple. It’s an objective point of view on the others situation. Getting an outside help to see things differently, speak wisely. It’s like fresh eyes for a designer. I actually love those conversation and I learn myself from the situations. In a few occasions, friends and acquaintance said I should offer my services to others and that is what I want to do.

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