Inniaccounts, online accountants for contractors and consultants

I used their services since I started my business. I did a long research to find a good accountancy solution for my business. Something simple and not overpriced. They created my limited company, set the salary for the taxes for me, they offer to do the registered office and much more.

InniAccounts – a personal review

You will find them at

I love them because of their “insightful accountancy software”

It has everything you need inside, bookkeeping, you add your contracts, generate invoices, track payment, expenses, assets.

No more time-consuming trips to the accountant, no more conversations with an answering machine. In fact, no more phone calls to find out where you stand financially. With inniAccounts, it’s all there online when you need it.

You can request a demo of the software, or just browse their website. It might sound like a lot of information at first glance but it is very easy once in practice. I am happy to help and explain more about accountancy things, get in touch and let’s chat.

inniAccounts code, I can recommend you, a 10% discount on your monthly fees

If you are interested working with them too, I have an inniAccounts referral code CA3753

Enter the personal referral code CA3753 when you appoint them and they will apply your discount.

OR If you want the discount and a demo (they will set up a demo explain the whole process) you can also write in a comment (it won’t be published) or email me with your first name, last name and email address and I will send you the invite by email via their recommend page. I will get back to you quickly (typically a few hours, less than 24h)

inniAccounts review
inniAccounts software presentation

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