4) Why do I want to help coaching people

It’s something I have been doing for years without putting a name on it. It’s a natural thing for me. I am a good listener and I am the type of person who remember all conversations. This year, after my winter trip in Brazil I came back in London and decided to take it to the next level to help more people.


I am not super keen on the word coaching, I would prefer to say mentoring. I am never going to be shooting at you to tell you to produce more and quicker like a sport coach. I will still use the term “coaching” because people understand what coaching is (and coaching is a better word for SEO haha).

Over the year,¬†I have accumulated an immense range of knowledge and I love sharing them to help. This is what I want to do. I got reassurance from everyone I “helped”, this is something which really suits my profile. Some people suggested it to me in the first place years ago. Some others, when I told them I am going to do it a side activity, said that’s awesome and it’s “so you”.

Human help.
It’s not like working for big company doing millions as some of the big brands and client I collaborate¬†with. I like helping individuals. And I wish you to make millions too!

I am sure after a descent chat about you, what you want or think you want, I will succeed to motivate you and help you see on the bright exciting side. I will make you be more confident in yourself, your skills, push you to do more.

It’s a bit like those conference where you see those people who are doing great in their job. It gives you a lot of motivation and makes you want to do it as well, you are excited for the rest of the evening, but the next day nothing happen. If you want something you have to the effort to make it happen. “Live with no regrets” as so many bullsh*t people say.

And if that happens this is a success for you and me. You will learn from me and I will also learn from you, I don’t see it as a one way conversation.

If you are up for it, check if I can help you

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