5) Who is it for?

You are probably thinking, “ok great, what’s for me in this?

Who is it for?

  • people about to start their freelance career*
  • people who started recently their freelance career*
  • established freelancers interested in learning about taxes tips
  • established freelancers interested in getting more clients/visibility, SEO help

*More specifically I can advise better people working in creative field, digital, design, communication (PM, design, dev, motion, copywriter, etc)


  1. Being able to meet in London
  2. Being happy to share about your goal

Meeting in person is essential. It can not be all delocalized.

The mentoring

Everyone can benefit from a mentor. But one person can not be the mentor of everyone.

Quality over quantity

I can provide business advice to all new freelancers, no problem with that. But the mentoring is really focus on your specific case. It’s a two-way discussion and relation and it need to works for us both.

I am aiming to help hundreds with advice, during small talk workshop or even just with my blog here. However, I am not aiming to mentor hundreds of freelancers.

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