6) How a coach/mentor can help you? How it works?

What I can help with

Here are a few things I can help you with:

  • How to get started with your limited company?
  • What to think before to start?
  • Your CV
  • Where to promote yourself?
  • Find your first contracts
  • Deal with the demand
  • Learn to do what’s good for you
  • Stop being a yes man
  • What to do to be better than your concurrent
  • Trust in yourself, if other can do it why couldn’t you?

How it works

First of all, we start with an informal chat to share more about my experience, do a little sum up of yours and answer all questions, doubt and worries you might have. I don’t know the answer for everything, but I am great at analysis and problem-solving.

The process is simple. We meet go grab a drink and have a good meaningful conversation.

Step 1:
You get in touch and book me for a drink and chat / or join one of my small group workshop

Step 2:
We meet in London, we get to know a bit more of your career path and the reason why you wanted to get some external view on your business / future business.

And then
You have my number and email, so you can ask me questions when you need.
After a few weeks or months we can sit together again do a sum up of what happened and need to be done to improve and progress in your career.

The mentoring is a collaboration, it needs to work for us both. I aim to keep it informal and flexible.

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