Call Denis – About

In a nutshell, Call Denis is a “service” of tips and mentoring for freelancers. I am Denis, and I am a freelancer myself. My aim to help new starters.

Coaching mentoring for new freelance
Tips and mentoring for new freelancers

1) Call Denis – Coaching your new freelance career

Starting in a freelance is scary. It’s an exciting journey at the same time, but there is a lot to consider and having someone with experience can help you gives you more change to make it a success. Read the full article about call denis

2) My career path in London

When I first arrived in London I worked as a permanent for less than 2 years. After lost of thinking, and at least 6 months of procrastinating “Shall I, shall I not” I started my own business. It’s now 5 years and going very well. Read the full article about how freelance web developer in London

3) How my freelance coaching started?

I love using the benefits of freelance life as much as I can. Knowing about the tax system at the best, managing my clients, between freelancers we chat a lots, and I naturally help lots of my friends telling them about taxes, looking for contracts, etc when they also decided to go freelance. Knowing them I was sure they would be a good fit so I pushed them a bit in the freelance direction. Read the full article about how the coaching started

4) Why do I want to help coaching people

I feel like I want to do more “good”. I like my jobs and clients, but there is a difference between helping big brands or agency generating lots of money and helping a single person starting his business. Read the full article about freelance mentor

5) Who is this service for?

I work in the digital field of the London market so I feel I can help the best I reckon. Do you work in the digital field as a designer, developer, motion, even project manager? But if you are in an other industries like photography, fashion, there is still lots I can help you to cover, even more to help you with your brand as I help. Read the full article about freelance coach

6) How a coach/mentor can help you? How it works?

What I have to share is mainly my knowledges, so discussion is how it works. In some case sharing some online resources, contacts, etc. With my background, I can also help with your positioning, SEO, code, design review. Read the full article about knowledge to success