What you get for this price

See it like a shortcut of knowledge and good practice.

Some of the business knowledges took me years to acquire. I let you suck some of my business experience and the insight of 5 years, in about ~30+ reputed agencies.

A mentoring: informal and flexible

I am hear to listen and help you about your concerns. Tell you about me, answer any questions I can. While you talk you think and analyse the situation better.

You can contact me in between chat face to face session with questions and I will do my best to drive you in the good direction.

Price of the service

First consultation and advices

It’s hard to evaluate how worth are the knowledges I got. However, I think the amount of experience and information I can share worth much more than what you will pay. It can seems like an extra expense but down the line it will help once once you generate income from your work, it’s really isn’t much. Plus with my taxes tips you will definitely make you save much more than my consultation price.

I am not a psychologist, neither a doctor providing you a therapy, but I am a genuine person with a great career path so far and a well trained working brain here to help. I want to keep it as I did for friends, it’s not a strict timed conversation. It’s just two working professional sharing.
I am here to help, it’s not a money making business (web development can pay much better) but also think those knowledge and my time worth a price.

Regular mentoring

This will be defined between us as a package price for a duration with regular catchup or on pay per session system. This will depend on your needs and what we think is best for you.

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