Shall I go freelance? Is freelancing for me?

Shall I go freelance?

Tough question!

If you are here you are seriously thinking about it and considering it so that’s a step in the good direction. One tick in the “yes you should go freelance”.

Is freelancing for me?

You know yourself, but sometimes you need to try things in order to know if it’s a good fit. It’s like a new pair of jeans, its look good, you think you want it and it will suit but you never know until you try them. The good things with jeans is you can return them easily. Well worst case with a business is it fail and you go back to a classic schedule permanent job.

You won’t know until you throw yourself there. However, freelancing may not be for everyone indeed.

But freelancing is a wide domain and there is different way to run your freelance. Some people will be “freelancer” but work for one client in a long-term contract. Some other will manage lots of projects at the same time like a small agency. For some people it’s a side activity which won’t require all their time. Everyone can find what works best for them.

Ok I decided to go freelance, what now?

Before to go freelance

Enough savings

Before to go freelance and quite your job you should make sure you have some savings. You might not have some income for a few weeks or months depending on your activity so you need to be able to keep your life in order until the cashflow become regular.

CV / portfolio / (online presence)

You need to have your CV ready. A good experience, it’s great to have a few things in order before to start.

Once you have your first client

Register your business

Once you have your first contract your need to create your limited company (or register as a sole trader – see Should I own a limited company or be sole trader or use an umbrella company).

Get your branding up and running

Business card, do your own promotion, grow your presence (online or not)

Work well

Start doing the good work for your clients, reputation is important. If people like you they will recommend you.


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