I am not your normal freelance web developer

I heard that from a few friends working in my field. We all know the cliché of web developers… and it’s not really a nice one.

First of all, not all developer have long hair, eat chips or pizza all the time and geek all night. Once I finish work I have my life. I don’t sit again in front of my laptop for more work or games (nothing wrong with games by the way).

But yeah, I am not that reserved or shy (anymore), I like to meet new people. I consider myself as am a sociable person. I also have a strong character. I am not afraid to say no or tell when something is shit. I treat the receptionist with the same respect as the big boss.

I am not afraid or impress by “important” people running business. I love job interviews (I don’t think I know anyone else who does?)

To conclude, I am might be a french cliché for most things, but I don’t fit the developer cliché.



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