What is a good freelancer?

It’s hard to put a full definition, but a good freelancer will have those characteristics:

Skilled worker

That’s the base, you need to be knowledgeable. Agencies hire you before they believe you have the skills they need for their project.

A chameleon

You should be able to adapt to new environment and people. Adapt and be open to new ways of working. Don’t impose the way you know.


You need to be good at solving problems, be proactive. When you have a blocker, don’t wait doing nothing.
As someone always adapting to new place you might not know how everything works in the office, in the way of working. Use your common sense, try not to ask silly question. However, don’t be afraid to ask when necessary.

Your character

Someone who has a good personality, and some charisma will be more memorable than a shy or reserved person. Be friendly, say good morning, go for drinks with colleagues even if it’s for a quick one.

Positive person

It’s not all perfect and will never be. Be optimistic, don’t listen to gossip drag people up and not down. You should be a fresh wind.¬†Your are here to execute some work but also bring energy to the team. The mood of freelancers can shift very quickly, once you work in a nice environment on a nice project and then you can switch to a very stressful project.


We all do mistake, it’s normal as we are not robots, patience is important. Be tolerant with people.

A fast learner

You need to pay attention listen and learn. It’s important to update your skills. Try to never stop learning, be curious. Don’t stay in your comfort area.

How to be a good freelance?

Analyze, learn from experiences, don’t be afraid to ask and get some support to do things (from colleagues, fellow freelancers, a coach), be on the top of your health to have your brain working well (sleep well, eat well, have non related a social life). Setup goals

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