Don’t do it yourself, get an accountant

I thought, I am smart, I can do it myself, some people do it alone. I bought accountancy book, read online. I got the basic. But then what if I miss a deadline, what if I do something wrong, it is time-consuming.

Don’t do it yourself, get an accountant

In my case, my accountant provide a software with a dashboard of money in and out, the invoice due, the next payment to be done. I have a clear view and what needs to be done, and they send me reminders (your monthly payslip, tax return, VAT return, etc). I have everything in one place and they have access to it so it makes it easier.

It has a cost, but your time as a cost too. And if you only spend 5 minutes each week with paperwork you can invest your time in what you like to do.

There so many accountant in the market. I spend a while studying the different accountancy options.

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