Take time off regularly

One very difficult things to do once you business is running is to take time off. Client and project never stop when you want. I believe taking time off is a key to success. Your brain and body need it regularly. Think about all the big boss in large agencies. What kind of holidays do they take?

I am good at this. Every year, I take my “winter break” going to a sunny destination to see something new, and get more sun than in London.

Taking time off as a freelancer is scary

Time off = no work = no money

Time off = opportunity loss

BUT time off = essential human need 

Every year, I escape two month abroad. I am always thinking about all the opportunities I am losing by doing that. When I reach the end of the year, I often got some contract offer and I won’t be able to take as I will be away.

I have been doing this for 5 years now (and I already chose my next year country destination). The truth is I might lose some opportunity but I always make it work.

While I am there, it’s not a full unplug (I don’t think I can). It’s more a part time in a new environment. It brings me so much. When I come back to London I am full of energy, ready to go to an office, and my head is full of new memories.

Keep your brain sharp, give it some proper break

Even a week or two holidays could make you lose business. I lost some contract offer because I had a few days off booked during the contract length and it was a “time sensitive project”. Most of the time agencies are flexible so don’t be pessimistic.

What we think vs reality

I know so many people (including myself) thinking, once I finish this contract / project I will take a few days and go somewhere.
The reality is after this contract which got extended a couple of time already, this other agency want to book me off for their project starting asap…

So if you don’t book it, it will never happen.

Book now, manage around later

Plus an other benefit is:

Having events / holidays / gig to look forward to keeps you going and make you happier

It’s a booster when you feel a bit down. And taking good breaks is important to avoid burnout.

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